Studio 828 Photography in Asheville specializes in contemporary photography for women. We photograph women and the people they love. Whether you're in need of beauty or boudoir photography in Asheville,  professional head shots and portraits or family portraits, we would love to talk with you. We create this portraiture by making women not just look, but feel unapologetically beautiful just as they are.  So often we hear about how "I hate having my picture taken." or, "I'm just not photogenic. I look terrible in pictures." Lucky for you, we specialize in posing and direction. It is our job to coach you from pose to pose to ensure that the only thing that shines through in your pictures is your femininity, grace and your own light. 

What do you need a photographer for, exactly?

In today's digital age of cell phones and the ever changing landscape of photography you might find this a confusing question. Why would you need a portrait photographer if you can just shoot it with your phone and upload it to social media? That's really all that counts anyway, right?

At Studio 828 Photography here in Asheville, it is our mission to ensure that we aren't just providing you pretty pictures. Yes, of course our imagery is lovely but, it is powerful too. You can note in the many testimonials from our previous clients in the photo gallery above that our work is more than "just photography". How do you want the world to perceive you? How do you dream of being photographed? When was the last time you were empowered in your own self? 

When  you look back on portraits of your grandparents and great grandparents, what are you really seeing? It is more than a piece of paper that was developed in the dark and put into an album. It is your history, your lineage, your legacy from all of the people who have loved you. That is why you are looking for a photographer, and not just any photographer at that. You are looking for someone that knows not only how to use photoshop and the basic settings on their camera but; how to engage with you during your photo shoot, how to pose you in such a way that you're presented in your absolute best self, someone that sees YOU and creates artwork that conveys all of the beauty that those that love you see everyday.

At what point do you need a professional portrait photographer?

You need a photographer when you are celebrating a milestone or a relationship with someone you love. Generations portraiture with your mother and your daughter, sisters, best friends. You need a professional when you're ready to create a piece of artwork that your children and grandchildren will cherish when you're gone. You need a professional portrait photographer when you want to celebrate your family and document that love, today. For beautiful heirlooms, showcased on  your walls so that every single day your children have a visual reminder of the people who love them the most in their lives, for years to come. 

How do you decide ON a portrait photographer? 

Well, it takes a bit of research. You want to look around through photo galleries from photographers in and around your area and see whose work speaks to you. From there, you reach out to each of those photographers to discuss what you have in mind for your photo shoot and the types of artwork you're considering for your display. You will discuss things like products (gallery wrapped canvases, striking metal prints, matted fine art prints, and more). You will discuss each photographer's steps of service and how they operate their photography business. You will discuss pricing with each of the photographers and whether or not you will be viewing those images in person or via online gallery. You will discuss whether or not that photographer simply puts everything on a disc, whether or not it is edited and how you will receive said artwork. From that point, you should have the education from each of your selections and be able to make an informed decision of who to employ for your portraiture. Whether or not that is Studio 828 Photography, we do hope you will give us the opportunity for your consideration. Read up on our FAQ page for more details about our process and feel free to reach out on our contact page for your personal consultation
Contemporary Portraiture is, by far and away the heart of our business. Photographing women, at any stage of her life and shining light upon her to reflect everything wonderful about her and to celebrate that wonder to create her legacy.
Cat Ford-Coates is not your average portrait photographer. Her work has been described as "romantic, modern and sincere". She is creative and focused, and treats each client and photography session with the utmost care and attention to detail.
"Our clients are looking for heirlooms. For artwork versus snapshots burned to a disc."  This of course is what draws them to Studio 828 Photography as their photography company. Tell me, how do YOU dream of being photographed?"


Cat Ford-Coates

109 Roberts Street Asheville, NC 28801

Contact Information

Studio 828 Photography is hosting our very first photo studio open house on November 4th at 6:30pm. We have partnered with some amazing local businesses to showcase their services as well: Dr. Ibrahim of Biltmore Restorative Medicine, Athena's Nightclub, and DollBox Productions.

We will have a photo booth of beauty with Cat Ford-Coates to photograph you during the event, champagne and demonstrations from our partners as well as gifts and one lucky winner will be chosen to receive a gift voucher worth over $600 to spend with Studio 828 Photography.

  • WHERE: Phil Mechanic Studios Building 109 Roberts Street Asheville RAD 28801 "Flood Gallery"
  • WHEN: Wednesday November 4th, 6:30pm

RSVP to our event, we would LOVE to see you!

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