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Photography for Women & the People they Love

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Studio 828 Photography in Asheville specializes in contemporary photography for women. We photograph women and the people they love. Whether you're in need of beauty or boudoir photography in Asheville,  professional head shots and portraits or family portraits, we would love to talk with you. We create this portraiture by making women not just look, but feel unapologetically beautiful just as they are.  So often we hear about how "I hate having my picture taken." or, "I'm just not photogenic. I look terrible in pictures." Lucky for you, we specialize in posing and direction. It is our job to coach you from pose to pose to ensure that the only thing that shines through in your pictures is your femininity, grace and your own light. 
Contemporary Portraiture is, by far and away the heart of our business. Photographing women, at any stage of her life and shining light upon her to reflect everything wonderful about her and to celebrate that wonder to create her legacy.
Cat Ford-Coates is not your average photographer. Her work has been described as "romantic, modern and sincere". She is creative and focused, and treats each client and photography session with the utmost care and attention to detail.
"Our clients are looking for heirlooms. For artwork versus snapshots burned to a disc."  This of course is what draws them to Studio 828 Photography as their photography company. Tell me, how do YOU dream of being photographed?"

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